The restoration of the altarpiece of the Virgen del Amor Hermoso in the parish church of San Pedro de Romaña, in Trucíos, has been completed.

a magnificent baroque work, made by the sculptor Francisco Martínez in 1680-1684 and polychromed by Pedro Bernales, both from Cantabria – something common in Bizkaia in those years.

Its masonry (architecture) is typical of the Baroque style of the time: Solomonic columns, vines, leafy foliage, large fleurons…

The anonymous carvings are also Baroque, but from the 18th century. Except for the Crucifixion, late Gothic from around 1525, perhaps the remains of an earlier altarpiece.

The restoration, carried out by the company Áurea, has required adjusting the structure, cleaning, removing repainting, reconstructing lost volumes, repolychroming “erased” areas….

All this has been possible thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, which has contributed €30,000, and the Town Council of Trucíos, which has assumed another €18,000. A lot of money, but a spectacular result.

Altarpiece in Trucíos