An exhibition that tries to shed light on an issue that affects us all: child abuse.

The rights and dignity of thousands of children across Europe have been violated. Violations that have occurred in various contexts and in various ways.

The exhibition tries to give visibility to these children, now adults. Their portraits, large black and white photographs, and their own words denounce shame: the unjustified shame that intoxicates those who have suffered violence; the shame that should be felt by those who have abused; and the shame of a Europe that fails to manage this dramatic situation.

To raise awareness; to promote legislative changes; to break the silence, the stigmatisation, the impunity, the cover-up and even the complicity. These are the objectives of this exhibition.

Exhibition organized by the Guido Fluri Foundation (Switzerland) and Justice Initiative, with photographs by Simone Padovani.

From 16 February to 15 March 2023