The Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo culminates the “Laxeiro year” with the exhibition Laxeiro and the art of his time.

José Otero Abeledo (1908-1996), known as Laxeiro, was one of the members of the group of “The renovators” within the Galician artistic avant-garde.

He is now the subject of an exhibition that emphasises the dialogue between his work and that of other contemporary artists whom he looked at with attention. One of them was the sculptor Francisco Asorey, another Galician who spent some of his formative years in Bizkaia. Part of his work remained here, including his striking Virgin of Solitude, which he called Nai de Door (Mother of Sorrow) and which has been requested to form part of the exhibition.

Asorey combined modern forms with more traditional ones, achieving a powerful expressive force. Hieratism and serenity contrast with the dramatism of the painful face, the imprisoned fingers, and the cumbersome folds of her clothing. A work that will not go unnoticed.

From 23 February to 21 July 2023